Daycare Schedule

Daily Schedule For Infants/Toddlers

Please keep snack and lunch at schedule times

6:00am – 9:00am Children start to arrive – Supervised Free Play Puzzles, Blocks, Toys, Coloring and T.V. (PBS/Disney)
8:00am Breakfast/Clean-up
9:30am Circle Time: TV OFF – Songs, Music & Dance Supervised Free Play
10:00am Toileting/Diaper Changed – AM SNACK
10:30am Math Readiness and Reading Readiness: all age appropriate, colors, shapes, letters, comprehensive and vocabulary skill, language activities, and fine motors skills.
11:00am Arts n Crafts and/or Music: Science experiments, and learning how to operate a computer
11:30am Gross Motor Activities, and outdoor play, weather permitting. Indoor play activities
12:noon LUNCH – Toileting/Diaper Change
1:00pm Rest Period
2:30-3:00pm Quiet Play, Toileting/Diaper Change
3:30pm PM SNACK, Clean-up
4:00pm TV Time – WHY/PBS or educational video Story Time
4:30-6:00pm Children being picked up, outdoor play (weather permitting), songs and games

*This program is intended as a guide for parents. Times are not fixed, and activities will be changed to suite your child individual needs.