About Us

Busy Body Daycare and Preschool: where everybody is busy!

We are a learning center that offers programs for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers. We are State Licensed to facilitate learning programs for the youngest members of our community. These programs are carried out by a loving, caring and nurturing teaching staff who are all state-certified themselves.

We offer reasonable rates for quality child care. Parents also enjoy our flexible schedules which ensure that they will have someone to call to or entrust their children at critical times of the day when they have to be at work or errands to run.

Surely your child will have the best time at Busy Body Daycare and Preschool. We focus on creating space for them to learn and grow. There’s also an outdoor play area where children of all ages can socialize, play and learn together.

You can reach us at 609-404-3500 for your questions, comments and suggestions.